The Last CubeForme Cube…

December 2016

For this final monthly cube, we’re featuring several great designers from our past cubes again: Jim Rodda (Zheng3), 3D Brooklyn, and 3D Central. Jim Rodda was our very first featured designer, with the Adventure Cube. 3D Brooklyn was the mastermind behind the Gizmo Cube in May while 3D Central was featured in September with the Geek Cube.

“When it comes to creating, just take the initiative and launch. Any mistakes will be valuable lessons.”

Fun Facts:

Jim Rodda’s biggest inspiration is Wile E. Coyote.
The 3D Brooklyn team loves live music and video games.
The 3D Central team has experience in yoga, powerlifting, and arena combat games.

Contact them through their websites: Jim Rodda, 3D Brooklyn, 3D Central

Daniel Lilygreen

November 2016

Daniel Lilygreen is a mechanical engineer for the steel industry in Wales. He utilizes SOLIDWORKS to produce various CAD models and drawings. In particular, he recreates a lot of iconic pieces from video games such as Fallout, Bioshock, and Skyrim. Using 3D printing, he can bring things like the Pip-Boy to life. Daniel is a part-time student, pursuing an MSc in Mechanical Engineering, but also works full-time. He first became aware of 3D printing through his university and colleagues at work, but has gone onto printing countless props and gadgets. Daniel has been an avid gamer since a young age, and uses video games as a source of inspiration for his creations. His two favorite designs are his recreations of the T45-d Power Armor Helmet (Fallout 3) and Atlas Titan (Titanfall). You can check out Lilykill’s amazing designs on My Mini Factory and his website!

“With 3D printing, that special item in a game you always remember can be brought to life.”

Fun Facts:

The first video game he ever played was Tetris on Gameboy.
His first 3D print was a part to hold a Dial Test Indicator.

If you would like to contact Daniel Lilygreen, you can reach him through his website.

Andrew Reynolds

October 2016

Andrew Reynolds, known as areynolds15 in the 3D printing community, is a freelance 3D designer with several years of experience using 3D modeling software. Reynolds is currently in his fifth year of architecture school in Scranton, Pennsylvania and has been gaining popularity online for his intricate designs. He has won three international online design competitions with his lamp and jewelry designs. Recently, Reynolds has started creating video tutorials on how to 3D model and 3D print household objects. With two 3D printers, he prints new designs daily for personal projects and freelance work for clients throughout the U.S. and Europe. Reynolds is a MyMiniFactory Studios designer and his designs are available to view and download here.

“3D printing is merely a tool for the designer, which we have yet to master.”

Fun Facts:

Andrew Reynolds is an Eagle Scout.
He can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than a minute.

If you would like to contact Andrew Reynolds, you can find him on MyMiniFactory and Instagram.

3D Central

September 2016

3D Central is a Virginia-based company that is dedicated to helping others discover the possibilities and opportunities of 3D printing. The 3D Central team is comprised of four individuals: Chris Caswell, Cyndi Laird, Andrew Sink, and Ian Sole. The team started printing in 2011, with one of the first UP 3D printers and a Makerbot Replicator (serial #18!), the latter of which was bought on the very day of release. As numerous others started asking them to make things for them on their printers, they eventually decided to open an online store to sell 3D printed things. Since launching, 3D Central has received enough positive feedback to attract the attention of Makerbot’s CEO, who tweeted about the company! The team continues to design and release Open Source designs, and their passion has turned into a thriving business in Richmond. 3D Central now sells, services, and supports all sorts of 3D printers – and the company loves to teach, holding classes at local schools and colleges. Check out 3D Central’s designs on MyMiniFactory!

“We love to see our designs being made by makers all over the world!”

Fun Facts:

Cyndi spent a month in Mysore, India to study Ashtanga Yoga.
Andrew has competed in three amateur powerlifting competitions.
Chris designed an online side-scrolling arena combat game from scratch while in college.

If you would like to contact the 3D Central team, you can reach them through their website or Facebook.

David Berry

August 2016

David Berry, known by many as MustangDave, is a designer from Texas that uses an Ord Bot Hadron for 3D printing. Having graduated from automotive school in 2014, he has been 3D printing for a little over 3 years and 3D modeling for much longer. Berry enjoys using photogrammetry and other techniques to 3D scan objects. In his spare time, he likes to build custom computers, fly quad-copters, hang out with close friends, and work on his car. You can check out his 3D design portfolio here!

“3D printing hasn’t even scratched the surface of what is to come.”

Fun Facts:

David Berry enjoys studying and reading about quantum physics, science, and technology.

He receives a family discount when visiting the Alamo because of his relation to Jim Bowie, who fought at the Alamo.

If you would like to contact David Berry, you can reach him through his e-mail.

XYZ Workshop

July 2016

XYZ Workshop, founded by Elena and Kae Woei in early 2013, is a Melbourne-based 3D printing design workshop that seeks to encourage creative collaboration and invention. Originally architects, the two founders became interested in 3D printing and desktop manufacturing. After purchasing an Ultimaker kit, they eventually found success in many 3D printing competitions. Elena and Kae hope to make XYZ Workshop a creative hub and teaching platform for 3D printing, and to that end, have conducted a 3D printing workshop for kids. You can find their amazing designs on  and MyMiniFactory.

“Inspiration may strike from anywhere, so watch out for it!”

Fun Facts:

XYZ Workshop created a 3D printed dress (the inBloom Dress).

The husband and wife team find a lot of inspiration from their son.

If you would like to contact XYZ Workshop, you can reach them through Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Conor Devine

June 2016

Conor Devine is a mechanical engineer with a Master’s degree from Warwick University in Coventry, England. He has lived most of his life on the coast of North Devon and grew up near the sea, on the beach and participating in many sports. With six years of experience in Solidworks and other rendering tools like Keyshot, Devine loves coming up with products that solve problems or are just plain cool. He truly enjoys the freedom that CAD allows in visualizing and creating designs, without requiring drawing expertise or time sculpting actual models. Devine loves 3D printing because of how easy it is to turn computerized ideas into real life. Often surfing in his spare time, he’s currently working with a friend to create an inflatable surfboard. You can find his 3D design portfolio on MyMiniFactory.

“Complicated objects are formed from simple shapes and profiles.”

Fun Facts:

He has surfed in four different continents.

He taught himself Solidworks to help design a miniature model F1 car.

If you would like to contact Conor Devine, you can reach him through LinkedIn.

3D Brooklyn

May 2016

3D Brooklyn is a 3D design and manufacturing studio working to introduce modern manufacturing to the millennial generation. Based in Brooklyn, the company creates 3D printed products using PLA bioplastic and also offers manufacturing services. Their approach to creating emphasizes sustainable design. As such, the company uses its own compostable material and constantly recycles its post-consumer plastics to be reused as filaments. The members of 3D Brooklyn are committed to sharing knowledge and access to technologies like 3D printing in order to make smarter, greener, cleaner products for today’s world. You can check out all of their designs on and MyMiniFactory.

“3D printers provide an opportunity to solve the world’s greatest problems.”

Fun Facts:

The 3D Brooklyn team loves live music and video games.

They are fascinated by magnets and space.

If you would like to contact 3D Brooklyn, you can reach them at

Mariia Poltorachenko

April 2016

Mariia Poltorachenko is a 3D designer based in Ukraine, with a background in architecture. To Poltorachenko, 3D printing offers a huge design freedom with very minimal restrictions. With a keen interest in fresh organic shapes and parametric modelling, she loves to see her designs come to life through 3D printing.  Even a brief look at her designs will illustrate the depth of inspiration and care that goes into each of them. At the moment, Mariia is focused mainly on jewelry design and she’s more than happy to share her works with the world. She dreams about working with larger scale 3D printed objects and even buildings in the future. You can check out her 3D designs on MyMiniFactory and her general portfolio on Behance.

“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.”

Fun Facts:

She has quite big cacti collection and used to dance Irish and Scottish dances.

Instead of going back in time, she would prefer a space trip or travel into the future.

If you would like to contact Mariia Poltorachenko, you can reach her at

Kirby Downey

March 2016

Kirby Downey is a South African product designer who is currently based in London. Downey has always held a passion for creating as well as all things gaming. When he first discovered 3D printing, he knew it was the perfect tool to turn his digital creations into reality. With that thought in mind, he felt the spark to create the unique things that he was passionate about. From that point to this very day, Downey has been creating incredible props from popular video games. In his eyes, 3D printing involves a mixture of passion and creativity, facilitated by a mechanical aspect that yields creations that everyone can appreciate. Seeing the process as a new form of art with unescapable results revolutionizing the world, Downey’s drive to create is clear. His designs are inspired, producing things that you really can’t find anywhere else. Find his designs on MyMiniFactoryFacebookInstagram & Twitter.

“Don’t say you failed, unless you have tried to succeed in the first place.”

Fun Facts:

He is such a huge Simpsons fan that he has the whole family tattooed on his arm.

His 3D modeling software of choice is Solidworks, which he is self taught in.

If you would like to contact Kirby Downey, you can reach him at

Luis Picarzo ( Whatakuai )

January – February 2016

Luis Picarzo is a 3D designer whose creativity is matched only by his enthusiasm. He is a mechanical engineer and designer based in Spain. From inventing new gadgets to helping others, Picarzo is passionate about all of the things that he does. When he’s not spending his time on mechatronics or programming, he loves designing 3D printable goods to share with the world. Viewing 3D printing as another avenue for freedom, Picarzo works tirelessly to build new creations. His boundless imagination and talents in engineering combine to make incredibly inventive results. You can learn more about Picarzo and his work on

“Everything can be improved.”

Fun Facts:

Paul Arden is his biggest inspiration.

His favorite 3D printer to use is the FlashForge Creator 2x.

If you would like to contact Luis Picarzo, you can reach him at

Steve Dakh ( Slavikk )

December 2015

Steven Dakh is an innovator in every sense, as evident in his designs and passions. As a software engineer, Dakh is very interested in disruptive technologies, which has led him into 3D printing. With an affinity for learning, he is both a dreamer and a creator. Dakh’s numerous 3D models involve an undeniably charming polygonal style, as captivating figurines of various animals and characters. Using his 3D printers on a daily basis, he loves to learn and create things for others to enjoy.

“In the future, 3D printers will get exponentially better.”

Fun Facts:

His biggest inspiration is Elon Musk

If he could time travel, he’d like to go a thousand years into the future and see what the Earth looks like then.

If you would like to contact Steven Dakh, you can reach him at

Jim Rodda ( Zheng3 )

September – November 2015

Jim Rodda is a prolific 3D designer who frequently graces the internet with diverse and inspired models of miniatures, baubles and game pieces alike. As the creator of Seej and recipient of multiple design awardRobber Rex Editeds, he can be found on the front page of numerous websites. With his clear passion in everything that he does, it’s easy to see why Rodda is such an impactful figure in the 3D printing industry. Talented in both 3D modeling and game design, Rodda uploads all of his designs to the Forge ( and regularly blogs about 3D printing at

“FDM will be remembered as the dot matrix of 3D printing.”

Fun Facts:

His biggest inspiration is Wile E. Coyote.

If he could go back in time to any place, he would try to stop the burning of Library of Alexandria.

If you would like to contact Jim Rodda, you can reach him through Twitter.