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  • loubie3d The Designer Dynamic

    Every 3D printed object exists because of a 3D designer. Designers are the creative minds at the beginning of the process, the ones who make it all happen. This is an idea that has been and continues to be central to CubeForme. With the recent controversy regarding the “just3Dprint” account on Ebay selling printed 3D […]

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  • 3dprintarticle CubeForme Featured on!

    Hello, everyone! Just wanted to share another awesome article about CubeForme, written by Clare Scott and featured on Thanks so much! You can check out the article here:   CubeForme is starting to get a pretty decent amount of exposure…but it’s time to get more momentum in terms of contributions on our Kickstarter campaign! As […]

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  • 3Dprintingindustry CubeForme Featured on!

    Hi, everyone! We just wanted to express our gratitude to Tyler and 3D Printing Industry for their wonderful article about CubeForme. This article really focuses on our angle of 3D designer promotion and designer-focused curation. As we often say, we want to create a mainstream publicity channel for designers…or as Tyler calls it, an “online […]

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  • 3ders1 CubeForme Featured on!

    CubeForme and its Kickstarter campaign was featured on, a popular 3D printing site! For those of you who don’t know, is an awesome site that gives you up-to-date news about 3D printing. It has a great community and is also a nice resource to check out if you’re trying to learn more about […]

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  • 3DPrinterPhoto-2 A Big Catch of Microfish

    In yet another display of ingenious application, 3D printing has been utilized to develop reactive nano-sized fish. Researchers at the University of California, San Diego, have combined their unique 3D printing technology (microscale continuous optical printing) with robotics to create fish-shaped microrobots that “swim around efficiently in liquids, are chemically powered by hydrogen peroxide and […]

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  • 3DPrinterPhoto-5 3D Printing and…Pills?

    Unsurprisingly, the application of 3D printing continues to take new leaps forward. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the world’s first 3D printed pill, which is set to launch in early 2016. Known as Spritam, this pill was developed to control epileptic seizures. Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, the mastermind behind Spritam, is also looking to […]

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  • 3DPrinter1 3D Printing and…Milk?

    In the United States alone, over 20 billion gallons of milk are produced each year. As they say, milk builds strong bones! As anyone who has ever drank milk is well aware of, the one limitation plaguing such a healthy and refreshing beverage is the fact that it spoils after just a few weeks. And […]

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  • 3DPrinterPhoto-8 Three Printing Dimensions, Three Intriguing Dimensions

    As a company that revolves around 3D printing, we’re always trying to keep up with the latest 3D printing news. That being said, we wanted to share some cool articles that we’ve read recently. These articles have to do with revolutionary applications of 3D printing (which is already revolutionary on its own). From now on, […]

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