Inspiring an appreciation of 3D printing and giving 3D designers the recognition that they deserve.

Why 3D Printing?

To us, 3D printing has redefined possibility. The technology is a revolutionary outlet for innovation, allowing unrestrained creativity and unprecedented precision. The depth of ingenuity in every layer of the process truly fascinates us. There is truly a 3D printed invention for anyone and everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

What Problems Do We Address?

First, 3D printing is not sufficiently accessible or understood by the general public. Common knowledge of 3D printing begins and ends with the fact that it exists. Second, 3D designers themselves do not receive enough publicity for their efforts. Many designs circulate through the Internet, but with scarce attention to the creators behind them. 

Who Are We?

The CubeForme Team consists of passionate individuals with diverse backgrounds and skillsets. Nick Nguyen and Kyle Pham founded CubeForme with the ambition to engage in a new industry with great potential. They eventually expanded the team to include Breanna Tran and Michelle Chuang.

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