The Last Cubes

We’ve made a very tough decision. After over a year of operation, the time has come for CubeForme’s monthly subscription to wind down. This December will be the last month, with the Finale Cube. Don’t get us wrong, it’s been a wonderful journey. Overall, we’ve been very happy and very proud to put together the monthly cubes for all of you. There was something very special in the process of connecting with a talented designer and conveying their creativity through our boxes. Every monthly cube has been crafted with a lot of thought and care. We’ve always put an emphasis on making each month a unique experience, in theme, presentation, and content. And as a result, it’s been rewarding to ship these products out after hours of hard work and hear all of your often positive feedback.

But ultimately, managing and fulfilling our monthly cubes has taken quite a bit of time and money. Too much. Roughly ten hours would be required for just one box, with small margins that has ended up making it difficult to sustain our operation. Even more important to us, running CubeForme’s monthly cubes has lost a lot of the meaning that it used to have. After the earlier months passed, we eventually developed a more efficient systematic way of fulfilling orders. While this was good in a productive sense, we gradually grew more automatized in how we operated and felt about CubeForme. Putting together the monthly cubes became increasingly monotonous. And although we ran various marketing initiatives and connected with new influencers to keep our business growing, we failed to get past the fact that the core component of just making the boxes became lost on us in terms of enjoyment and purpose. We stopped having fun and we  stopped learning. As a result, we stopped growing….not in terms of order volume, but as people. With these past weeks of delay, we’ve become very cognizant of how CubeForme has almost entirely become a chore. When we realized that we would not enjoy it anymore even if we had ten times the number of orders, we knew the time had come for us to move on.

CubeForme’s monthly cubes will end, but our marketplace will still be open! As the monthly cube contents formed the brunt of what our printers had to print, we feel we’ll be able to easily manage having our marketplace open for the occassional orders still. It’ll be so nice actually having time to print what we want! So also feel free to stay connected to our social media, as we’ll show off anything nifty that we print. So while there is definitely some sadness to this ending, there is relief in that we’ll have the freedom to not only use our printers more liberally, but also to move onto new ventures and continue growing. While there was a lot of dread in manufacturing, it has been a genuine pleasure serving all of you as customers. So we thank you for your support and faith in CubeForme and its designers.

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