Tragedy has taken many forms throughout the course of history and literature: unrequited love, fallen heroes, untimely death. Regrettably, this list continues to grow in new ways to this very day. And one contemporary tragedy known quite well by the CubeForme team as well as many others in the community: a failed print. Seeing something slowly come to life in your 3D printer just to then grimace as it all falls apart toward the end is…disheartening, to say the least. Long hours of anticipation and expectation met with bitter pangs of heartbreak and frustration. We can question the gods and condemn ourselves for our bad luck, but ultimately there is only one way to move forward. Restarting the print.

This is an ordeal that has occurred pretty often for us throughout the lifespan of our company, compounded by technical difficulties within the 3D printer as well as relentless academic workloads. It’s hard enough being a student, let alone a student that has to 3D print hundreds of objects as well. Because even at our scale, the recent months have demanded a lot in terms of manufacturing. But all of this being said, there was no excuse. It’s not like we didn’t sign up for this in creating CubeForme.

A lot of the reasons for the delays were purely on us. Lack of organization, giving into frustration, not communicating tasks well. We did not coordinate optimally in order fulfillment nor did we take full advantage of time. Instead, we allowed ourselves to keep pushing back our deadlines. Even worse, working on CubeForme started to become much more arduous and a lot less fun.  As May started, it became our foremost goal to be on time with the completion and delivery of the Gizmo Boxes. And with some restructuring and careful planning (as well as an incredible job done by Nick and Breanna, who handle manufacturing), we were able to get the Gizmo Boxes sent out right at the end of May!

But while we’re certainly happy that the boxes were on time, we regret that we had to make you all wait in the previous months. Quite frankly, orders being on time should be an expectation and necessity. As such, we included a handwritten note and an extra object (a little 3D printed elephant, as voted on a little while back) in each of the Gizmo Boxes. We included the courtesy not just as an apology for our past blunders, but as a symbol of our dedication to do our best moving forward.

We’re on track, not just in fulfilling orders, but to new destinations. As summer gets fully underway (as the weather seems to suggest), you can count on us striving to do more and create more. There are multiple goals and ideas that we hope to pursue growing CubeForme not just in the context of the products that it offers or the number of subscribers that it has, but in the broader sense of what experiences and impact it has. So while we’ll be making sure that you get awesome boxes in these next months, we’ll also be exploring how to teach and tell more stories about 3D printing, learning, and creating. We sincerely hope that you’ll stick around for what comes next. Cheers!

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