Time Flies

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year and we’re now on our sixth monthly box. Time really does go by quickly. With the summer rapidly approaching, the team has spent some time reflecting on CubeForme’s progress. We’ve recognized a huge issue in our manufacturing process. Even outside of the time when our printer broke down, fulfilling orders has been very time consuming. 3D printing takes a while, and we often end up with imperfect prints. Beyond that, putting each box together individually also takes a lot of time as that involves painting the outside of each box as well as creating the inserts and labels. As an early stage start-up, we’re still doing everything by hand on our own.

That, however, is not meant to be an excuse but rather an acknowledgement of something we need to improve. Within these next weeks, we’ll be doing quite a bit of internal restructuring to put ourselves in a position to be ahead on everything. And in regard to our manufacturing issue, we’ll be purchasing more printers from SeeMeCNC.

Some of our objectives this summer include really expanding our products and creating video content. In addition to locking down designers for future monthly boxes, we hope to grow our marketplace. And regarding video content, we want to start being active on our Youtube channel. We’re currently brainstorming ideas for the kinds of videos that we can make and how we can incorporate our 3D printer. It’s our goal to make more unique content than just tutorials or showcases of prints.

As we work on all of that, we’ll likely reach out to many of you to get your feedback. Thank you for your support, and please feel free to give us any of your thoughts. We want to make sure that everything we do is what you, our supporter, would like! With all of that being said, we are truly excited for the coming months. We’ve certainly done a lot to get to this point, but there’s only more to get done. Thanks for being on this adventure with us…stay tuned!

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