Spring Forward, Indeed

Winter may just be arriving in Westeros (when the show last left off anyway), but the opposite holds true for the real world. Spring has arrived, and March was a rather exciting month for CubeForme. In these past weeks, we’ve seen much more traction and new opportunities.

Our featured designer for March was Kirby Downey, a legend in the 3D printing community. We picked some stellar designs to fill the Gamer Box, which (as its name might imply) is sure to please gamers and geeks alike. Manufacturing has admittedly been tough, with some malfunctions and broken pieces. But we’re finishing up orders and should be shipping out all of the Gamer Boxes next week. Kirby Downey is our first designer that’s come out of partnering with My Mini Factory. While we’ve spoken a bit about My Mini Factory in the past, here’s a refresher: MMF is the largest curated social platform for 3D printed objects. While the company is based in London, it connects 3D designers and makers from all over the world, as a hub of neat 3D designs. MMF has connected us with some neat designers like Kirby, and we’re excited to collaborate with them more in the coming months. We may even put together a show on their TV stream in the future!

Speaking of videos, Joel Telling (aka the 3D Printing Nerd) recently did an unboxing video for us! For those of you that aren’t familiar with his Youtube channel, Joel makes hilarious and informative videos showcasing and giving tips about 3D printing. He’s awesome, and we’re so thankful that he took the time to make a video for us (#highfive)! Looking back, March was a great month in terms of exposure for us. If you didn’t see, we were featured on Inc. Magazine’s Coolest College Startups of 2016! Although we were eliminated in the second round of their bracket, it was incredibly humbling to be publicized among 15 other incredible companies. And there are some exciting things that may be happening soon as a result of being featured by Inc. We can’t say too much on that for now, but stay tuned.

What I can speak about in terms of the future is that we have a great new featured designer for April: Mariia Poltorachenko. April’s box, known as the Element Box, will be filled with accessories and gadgets of a natural/organic aesthetic. It’s certainly a different vibe from our past boxes, but we’re excited with the designs we’ve curated and will be printing soon enough. In other news, you may find some opportunities (giveaways and contests) coming your way from us and some design sites that we’ve been collaborating with. You’ll hear more about that very soon. And with that, this recap of March and teaser of April are just about complete.  As always, please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or thoughts. Cheers!

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