Redesign and Revolution

Hello everyone!

After two full weeks of hard work, our website has been completely redesigned! From slick new aesthetics and images to better designer coverage, our website should is now more comprehensive and navigable. More importantly, our on-demand 3D printed creation marketplace is up and running. We have communicated with our launch designer team to make their most popular designs available as purchasable gifts, fully printed by us in any MatterHackers PRO Series color that you want. Unique gizmos, toys, and ornaments await you on! As with our subscription box, 10% of each order on this marketplace goes toward the designers.

And speaking of our subscription box, we are proud to feature Luis Picarzo and his inventiveness in the Revolution Box, now available for order until 2/15! The CubeForme Team has been especially excited to put this box together, and we hope you don’t miss out. Picarzo is the last of our launch designer team to be featured, and has been involved with CubeForme since our Kickstarter. In spite of being on the other end of the world in Spain, he has graciously provided his expertise at every step.

With the marketplace and Revolution box available on a fresh new site, it’s a wonderful start to a year of productivity and reaching greater heights. To our customers and supporters, we promise to continue raising the quality of products and experiences that we provide. Thanks for being along for the ride, as we push forward. Cheers to progress!

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