New Year, New Plans

A new year begins, and we honestly could not be more excited. 2015 was quite the eventful year, with the very creation of CubeForme and launch of its first boxes. As exciting (and challenging) as it’s been already, last year was only the beginning. Throughout these past weeks, Nick and I have been thinking a lot about how to improve CubeForme and build our vision more. To that end, we have had long discussions with our featured designers as well as other 3D printing companies.


It is with utmost pleasure that we have two huge announcements to share with you! First, we have established a partnership with a 3D printer and material company known as MatterHackers. For you Makers out there, you may know of them for their MatterControl. From here on out, MatterHackers will be providing high quality filament from their US-made PRO Series – which means higher quality products for you. Moreover, our partnership with MatterHackers means an easy connect for those of you who are interested in getting your own 3D printer and becoming Makers yourselves. As for our second announcement, we are so happy to say that CubeForme will soon include an on-demand 3D printed creation marketplace. As a complement to our subscription box, you will now be able to buy individual 3D printed objects in a color of your choice. The objects on this marketplace will all be from the designers that we feature for our monthly boxes, so quality is guaranteed. Just like with our subscription box, 10% of each order will go toward the designer as commission. This marketplace not only means more options for you as customers, but furthers our goal of supporting 3D designers for the hard work they put into designing.


Beyond those two announcements, we will have some more news coming your way in these next weeks (we don’t want to spoil everything all at once!). Our website is currently in the process of being totally redesigned to include that marketplace as well as new pictures/graphics. It will take a bit more time, so thank you for bearing with us. Everything should be fully up and running by the 10th! Our January boxes, featuring the work of talented engineer and clock creator Luis Picarzo, will be available for order then. Again, we thank you for your patience – hopefully, this will be the last big website change and delay we have. We plan on having some discounts and giveaways in appreciation of your support, and to start this new year off right!


Cheers to an incredible 2016.

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