Gadgets, Connections, and Fun

A week ago, CubeForme was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be an exhibitor at the first ever LA Gadget Expo at the REEF in Downtown Los Angeles. This wonderful event attracted attendees from all over Southern California to get a firsthand look at new and upcoming technological products. With a clear emphasis on innovation, some of the exhibited gadgets included an electric skateboard, foldable scooter, a ball with an integrated microphone to be thrown back and forth between audience members, powerful magnets for holding up heavy things, revolutionary door locks, and much more. With our 10’ x 10’ booth space, the CubeForme Team was able to showcase an assortment of 3D printed objects designed by our launch designer team (Jim, Steve, and Luis) and our 3D printer, in full operation, manufacturing LA Gadget Expo collectibles for attendees. Kids went crazy firing cotton swabs and pennies from Jim Rodda’s crossbow and ballista while parents were able to learn about 3D printing for the first time from us. Beyond families, there were numerous tech enthusiasts and fellow entrepreneurs that we had the pleasure of connecting with.


Although it was admittedly quite tiring to stand up and talk (practically without rest) for hours, I think it’s safe to say it was a great time. It was both fun and informative to have all the conversations that we did and connect with so many new people. More importantly, it was beneficial to our company and vision to be able to begin pushing the innovation of 3D printing to a broad audience. With the opinions and feedback that we have received on both our product and business model, the CubeForme Team will be implementing a number of improvements and taking some new directions in our business and what we offer in these next weeks leading up to 2016. Especially now that the fall semester’s over and we’ve more-or-less survived finals, expect to hear from us! Cheers, and happy holidays.