What can go wrong, will go wrong

When anything went wrong in the past, my natural response involved pangs of stress and panic. These days, I feel much more desensitized to obstructions and mistakes. Now, it actually feels stranger to me when something doesn’t go wrong. This past month was…hectic, to say the least. Coming out of our Kickstarter campaign, this was essentially CubeForme’s first official month of operation. As a result, a lot of big tasks had to be accomplished. With Nick leading the efforts, we incorporated e-commerce to be able to take orders, redid the entire website on WordPress, and produced our first batch of CubeForme monthly boxes (among other things).


As I’m sure you can guess, numerous things went wrong at every step of the tasks I just mentioned. With just e-commerce….there was a spectrum of problems arising simply in the realm of calculating tax and shipping rates, which was complemented with issues in integrating various e-commerce software programs. When all finally seemed to be okay, the payment processor system for the e-commerce we had integrated terminated our account of the blue because it turns out that it did not support annual subscription services. The transition from Squarespace to WordPress, very much related to e-commerce, entailed its own obstacles in attempting to transfer everything over. And of course, 3D printing, like most forms of manufacturing and design, is prone to yielding messed up batches. A significant element of the difficulty in these problems lied in the fact that it took quite a bit of time for us to figure out what exactly was causing the problems before we could take on the burden of actually solving them. There were multiple late nights of simply not knowing what to do.


Indeed, we have experienced multiple depths and layers of obstacles, ranging from website-stopping to small aesthetic flaws. But thankfully, we’ve successfully endured each setback….mostly due to Nick’s resilience and sacrifice of sleep. The point of me taking the time to outline the problems we’ve faced this past month isn’t just to rant and complain – Nick and I are neither regretful nor upset about anything that’s transpired. Rather, we’re now more knowledgeable and conscientious with the powerful lessons and meanings associated with each obstacle. I guess we feel more like entrepreneurs. We’ve accepted that problems and mistakes are simply part of the process. Which is probably why I feel so used to things going wrong. I don’t believe it’s a sign of self-deprecation or cynicism…no, I feel like it’s a sign of growth and understanding. As the founders of a start-up, it’s been totally on us to face each difficulty head-on. And having gotten through this past month, we stand ready and willing to face the next problems that come our way.


In light of all the obstacles, there has been positive outcomes at the end of it all. As I write this, we are finishing up the first boxes (and t-shirts) to send out as soon as we can! Soon, Steve Dakh’s feature will be active and you can order his box, which involves some incredible aesthetics. In addition, you can catch us at the LA Gadget Expo this upcoming weekend! But more on that later. There are some big moves happening, and I promise to keep you all updated as soon as I can. Cheers!