CubeForme & Novus Think Tank

Kyle here. I just wanted to give a huge shout out to all the members of Novus Think Tank (formely known as 707Development), who have given nothing but excellent support and advice. Novus Think Tank is an interdisciplinary student organization at USC that is dedicated to cultivating innovative mindsets and leaving a meaningful impact on the Los Angeles entrepreneurial ecosystem, whose membership is driven solely by recommendations from professors. Founded by Max Henning and currently led by Megan Hansford, it’s a tight-knit group of creative and brilliant student leaders. Part of the group’s core activities include providing consultation for start-ups in the area. CubeForme and I were lucky enough to be on the receiving end of this semester’s first consultation.


In the consultation, we talked about marketing and scaling strategies for our Kickstarter campaign, as well as long-term development and involvement in the 3D printing community. In just an hour of discussion and feedback, I was able to develop a clear visualization of CubeForme’s future objectives and path. The CubeForme team and I are looking at steadily maintaining and growing our subscription model, while also organizing active efforts to impact the 3D printing community—like 3D Designathons and workshops. We want to build a mainstream audience through our monthly box product, while involving more and more designers over time through the features and active community efforts. Our end is eventually accommodating the inevitable household need for 3D printing through a connective platform and product. To get there though, it’ll take quite a bit of work and time…but we all have to start somewhere, no?


Anyway, I don’t mean to drag on for too long. There are much more important matters at hand in the present, namely meeting our Kickstarter funding goal. Thanks again to Novus Think Tank for being awesome. There are nothing but big things coming from that group, and I’m so lucky to be a part of it now.