Printing, Printing, Printing

Thanks to Nick and Breanna, our Rostock MAX V2 is fully built and operational! For the past week, we’ve been doing quite a bit of printing (with both successful and unsuccessful results). Having three designers on board for launch, the CubeForme team has been working on putting together a sample box for each designer. We’re very close to showing off what you can expect in a CubeForme monthly box! Of course, what we’re showing off in the sample boxes won’t be what we ship out for the actual boxes later on. Although we won’t be accepting orders just yet, you can count on seeing those sample boxes as well as our first designer features within the next week. Following that, our Kickstarter campaign will be up at some point soon—that’ll be your chance to get your hands on our first official box. Many thanks to those of you who have been keeping up with these blog updates; the CubeForme team is excited and honored to soon be able to present the fruits of our labor this summer. As always, stay tuned!