A Relatively Big Update!

Salutations! It’s been quite busy on our end these past few weeks! The CubeForme Team has been making big moves toward our Kickstarter and first month launch. To that end, we have made the decision of purchasing a SeeMeCNC Rostock MAX v2 kit for our company’s first 3D printer. Nick has been spearheading the assembly of this printer for the past week, with the help of Breanna and his friend Julian. When asked to explain how he feels about the experience, Nick enthusiastically replied how “it sucks”. After asking him a second time (and telling him to stop joking), Nick responded with the following: “It’s difficult but rewarding. I’ve been able to rekindle a lot of skills that I learned in the past, such as soldering and wiring. There’s obstacles at every step and we’ve been stalled at numerous points, realizing that we didn’t have all of the necessary tools like Kapton tape. Building this printer reminds me of a combination of building a computer and IKEA furniture. But at the end of this, I know it’ll be worth it. Choosing to purchase a kit as opposed to a pre-built printer allows me to truly know the machine from the inside.”


Once this printer is finished, we will be able to showcase a sample box—and with the designers we have on board, we are very excited to give you all a first look at what’s in store. Until then, stay tuned! We’ll be in touch again soon.