Three Printing Dimensions, Three Intriguing Dimensions

As a company that revolves around 3D printing, we’re always trying to keep up with the latest 3D printing news. That being said, we wanted to share some cool articles that we’ve read recently. These articles have to do with revolutionary applications of 3D printing (which is already revolutionary on its own). From now on, we will post weekly highlights of awesome 3D printing news and stories that we come across, so you can expect to see and learn more about the continuous innovation with 3D printing!


This first article covers how 3D printing, in combination with hydroponics, creates systems that facilitate the growth of fresh produce. These systems, built to exist and provide in homes, use “nutrient-rich water as a substitute for soil”. Follow Spyder 3D World and 3DPonics to see where this goes!


This second article revolves around the story of three-year-old Amina Khan, one of approximately one hundred individuals with a very rare medical condition that has her upper and lower jaws fused together. Through a 3D printed model of Amina’s jaw and skull, surgeons were able to simulate the delicate procedure before the actual surgery. The precise scaling that 3D printing allows ensured a better outcome and a completely hanged life.


Last but certainly not least, this third article talks about how a 3D printing company in Amsterdam is planning to build a bridge, “over a canal in the heart of the city”. The successful construction of this bridge would be an exemplary example of the large-scale applications of 3D printing. 3D printing is getting bigger and bigger, both figuratively and literally speaking. We can’t wait to see this bridge happen!