Website Wumbo

After many hours of hard work on Nick’s end, the website is finally looking pretty decent! Our goal was to make it organized and easy to navigate, while also looking awesome. This iteration features some lovely photos taken by Yushi Wang (check out her Instagram: @yushiroll) at the Blackstone Launchpad. On this site, you can check out the CubeForme concept and model, get to know the CubeForme team, and read our regularly updated blog. At the bottom of the website, you should notice a space to enter in your email and links to our various social media accounts (which also appear on the website cover page). If you sign up for our e-mail list, we’ll keep you updated on the progress of CubeForme and big changes on the website! We highly encourage your active involvement and feedback. After all, we want to shape a service to what YOU want. So to that end, leave a comment or contact us directly about any inquiries or thoughts you might have!