CubeForme’s First Official Video

I’m generally pretty decent at giving pitches on the spot, but there’s something about being recorded that suddenly makes everything ten times as difficult. Even though Nick, from behind the camera, did his best to make it seems like a nice, casual conversation, it felt I was always going to forget a crucial phrase or sentence. Although I could elaborate on the full hour-long process, let’s just say it took more than a couple attempts to successfully record an informal, roughly ninety second pitch video. After Nick finished editing the video with his untrained skillset of Adobe Premiere, the video was complete, like a batch of fresh cookies out of the oven. This video of me talking about CubeForme while majestically sitting by a fireplace (which was one of Nick’s rather spontaneous ideas), was made for and sent to two different start-up competitions, and is now available for your viewing pleasure. Although it’s nothing too special, think of it as a teaser for a more epic video coming up in the very near future.