From Pokémon to Starting a Business

Back in the second grade, all Nick and I ever did was talk about Pokémon. The majority of recess each day was dedicated to brainstorming a machine that would create Pokémon in real life. Although we never ended up inventing that machine, the passion for creating and innovating never left us. Nine years later, Nick and I were high school juniors in the same Advanced Placement classes. Admittedly, high school was not quite as fun as the second grade. Many nights were spent without sleep, strenuous efforts to balance huge loads of homework with the harsh physical demand of varsity sports (Nick played water polo, I was a cross-country runner). As Nick and I endured the dreadful routine of high school, we often entertained the idea of forming a business—going off the beaten path. Although we continued to take our academics seriously (maybe me a little more than Nick), conversations about starting a business became more and more frequent as we went through the rest of high school.


Before we knew it, Nick and I were off to college at UCI and USC, respectively. As the summer became autumn, the idea of starting a business stuck with us. But it was serious now. It was no longer just a conversational mechanism to fight off monotony…it was a real goal. After playing around with a t-shirt and graphic design idea for a while, we eventually found ourselves interested in the realm of 3D printing. 3D printing seemed to perfectly capture the passion for creating and innovating that has been present in us since the second grade. From there, we developed a model and plan for CubeForme (by the way, figuring out the name of our business took quite a bit of time). And that brings us to today, consolidating our connections and preparing for launch.


Through this blog, I hope to give you, the readers interested in CubeForme, an honest and personal account of what forming a start-up actually entails. So far, Nick and I can tell you that start-ups definitely require meticulous planning and effort. The idea is really only the first step in a long flight of stairs. It’s all about getting things done. CubeForme hasn’t even launched yet, but we cannot attest to that enough. So whether you’re on this website out of pity or genuine interest, I encourage you to follow the progress of CubeForme, your future express lane to 3D printing. And I also encourage you to get in contact with us, give us your thoughts and opinions. I promise to keep you regularly updated on the awesome (and maybe the not so awesome) things that happen in this adventure. Come along for the ride!