How It All Began.

CubeForme was founded in 2015, built on a desire to connect underrepresented 3D designers with a broader audience. Intersecting art and technology, 3D printing fascinated us. The premise was simple: we wanted to create a meaningful way for anyone to experience the innovative applications of 3D printing.

Despite having the rocky start of a failed Kickstarter campaign, CubeForme continued on to push forward thirteen themed boxes. We worked with over ten designers and three companies to curate the most interesting gadgets and art possible. As the very first monthly subscription box to feature 3D printed products, CubeForme strived to provide a unique experience.

Unboxing Thoughts

“I loved the look of the box and it was so exciting to dig through it!”

– Ashley

“Each object really showcased the creativity of the designer.”

– Ajay

“I wasn’t expecting the objects in the box to be as interactive as they were! That made the experience especially enjoyable.”

– Ryan

How Did The Subscription Work?

Every month featured a new designer and different 3D printed creations.


Check out the month’s featured designer, and his or her defining story.


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Receive your box filled with 3D printed crafts and extra collectibles from us!

Reflecting On The Past…

Shipped Boxes: 531

Objects Printed: 1802

Print Hours: 10,248

We were proud to serve as many people across the globe, manufacturing over 1000 3D printed products. But as the number of CubeForme subscriptions continued to grow, it became increasingly difficult to fulfill orders. Each box took roughly 10 hours to put together, so even having multiple 3D printers running 24/7 wasn’t enough. On the manufacturing end, operating the business became costly and exhausting. Approaching 2017, we decided to wind down. Although CubeForme is no longer active today, we will never forget the incredible lessons we learned and experiences we shared.

Thank you to the brilliant designers for lending us their talent, like-minded companies for collaborating with us, and wonderful customers for believing in our vision.

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Connecting Designers with the World

Built on talented 3D designers, CubeForme is an express lane to innovative gadgets and trinkets. It is our goal to bridge the gap between 3D designers and the general public. While our company specializes in providing 3D printed products, our ultimate mission is to bring light to 3D designers in a way that has not been seen before.